Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Nail me to the wall

Current nail polish collection
Nail polish in every shade and crazy design has been spotted and people are developing more of an appreciation to nail art. Even the E! Network introduced the ‘Mani Cam’ at this year’s Emmys to give them their own little spotlight. I must say that nail polish has become part of my weekly routine. I’d feel like I was missing something without my polish, perhaps an accessory, or limb, or heart..nah I don’t have one of those anyway. However, I wasn’t always such a nail Nazi. There was a stint there where I would sport my leukonychia spots like I didn’t give a what.

I’m surprised by my multi-year nail polish hiatus since there once was a day where I walked down the halls of Gorsebrook Junior High School on my first day of Grade 7 with my nails painted the ‘Tommy Hilfiger’ logo. Why that logo? Well to match my denim Tommy Hilfiger overalls that I was rockin’ out that day clearly, duh. Now that my hiatus is long gone, I can say that I haven’t spent a day without having my nails painted in around 2.5 years. 
Currently wearing: Wicked
Where the summer days filled with neon, pastel, and nude nails are coming to an end for some (I tend to wear some colours year round. You can’t hold me down like that), the more ‘Autumn-appropriate’ colours are leaning towards more jewel tones and metallic shades. My polish of choice is Essie. The brush is great so the polish goes on smoothly and it doesn't chip fast! Which is awesome and fits my Sunday to Sunday polish change routine. 

Shades by Essie that I'd like to add to the collection this season
Painted nails – a must for me every wear I go. 

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