Friday, 12 October 2012

Pink isn't just for babies

I first came across rose gold a few years ago and I’ve been hooked. It complements any outfit and you can mix it with other metallics without clashing. The hardest part was deciding on which items to invest in. But ever since Sophie’s choice was resolved, it’s been my jam.
Currently wearing: Michael Kors watch. H&M bracelet.
Accessories in this hue were the first to capture my attention on wrists, fingers and necklines but the rest of the body must have filed an affirmative action suit because it’s appearing on clothing, purses, makeup, shoes, and more. So girls, get rosey and shimmer your days away!  
Boys, don’t feel left out. Real men don’t just wear pink anymore. Real men wear rose gold! Michael Kors and Burberry are only a few of the brands to have rose gold watches for men. The man bling doesn’t end there, it has made its appearance on cuff links, tie clips, and man tiaras. Ok maybe not tiaras. Although everyone deserves to be a princess for a day.

Lanvin cuff links and tie clip. Burberry watch.
It may seem like the sudden invasion of rose gold is trendy but I definitely think it’s becoming more of a staple. So the next time your birthday or Valentines Day comes around – remember this - roses die but rose gold is forever. 

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