Monday, 29 October 2012

Friday Florals

Monday blues? Let’s think about Fridays instead! Where you can wear a slightly “sassier” outfit to work and have it fully justified because of Casual Fridays of course. Although you have to deal with the "It's Friday!" every time you get into an elevator at work..thanks stranger, I don't own a Calendar. 

Last Friday, I wasn’t feeling my typical go- to work-casual look of skinny jeans and a blouse of some sort so I opted for a denim shirt instead with a flower power party on my pants. I have been diggin’ the floral and printed pant rage and have been trying to “workify” them so I can take a break from the consulting grey and black colour scheme every now and then. I still have a hot pink pair that I have yet to test at work, this may be the week! So colleagues, if you’re reading – prepare yourselves!

This outfit worked nicely from desk to dinner. I just switched my trusty ol’ backpack with an oversized purple clutch, for a pop of colour, and walked out the door.

Shirt: PacSun; Shoes: Aldo; Clutch: Splurge Handbags; Watch: Michael Kors; Ring: Forever 21 

What are your thoughts, friends?


  1. I really like the floral pants.
    Makes it look oh-so vintage.
    I love your blog by the way too.