Sunday, 21 October 2012

Mother Nature - You Fiery Minx

It’s a sad day when you realize that it’s officially starting to get cold out and you haven’t even worn all your summer outfits yet! Although Fall dressing can be fun with all the printed tights, boots, and scarves, I’d prefer the bold bright prints of the summer any day. However, I’ll try to be more positive about the season change and just think of the fact that my growing waist line is harder to notice underneath jackets and capes. JalapeƱo poppers..come to mama.

While the cold weather is inevitable, looking good during that time isn't for some. Here are my picks for some must-have outerwear.

1. Leather Trim

Nothing makes me feel more badass than a little leather, with the exception of my throwing stars maybe; however, I don’t find leather jackets that warm and I prefer a longer coat so I don’t get a cold bum, which is hard to do in leather without looking like you’re auditioning for the back alley version of the Matrix. The leather sleeves on these coats gives them just enough edge so mother nature knows who not to mess with.
Left: Alexander Wang              Right: Zara
2. Cape

The only thing that has been stopping me from fighting crime in the winter is that I couldn't find a cape warm enough. Now I guess I have no excuse. Thieves and berry ticklers - watch out! I love the rich colour of the teal Elie Tahari cape below. It would be great with elbow-high leather gloves or a suede pair in a complimentary jewel tone to cover up the bare arms.
Left: Elie Tahari                       Right: Banana Republic
3. Statement Colour

Add a little 'oh hi' to any gloomy grey day in a bold coloured statement jacket. The red coat had me at 'bow'. 
Left: RED Valentino                         Right: ASOS

4. Trench

Inspector Gadget definitely knew what he was doing when he put that jacket on. There are no indications of the trench coat ever going out of style and nothing makes me think of Burberry more than the trench coat, which they have managed to make quite iconic. You can even make your own Bespoke Burberry trench coat on their website if you're willing to cough up the thousands of dollars. 
Left: Burberry                           Right: Gap

      I will leave you all with this video. It’s not gonna be hot everywhere, it’s not. And you DO need a jacket. 

     Stay warm, friends. 

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