Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What Clogs My Pores

Welcome to the first ‘What Clogs My Pores’ post. The first of what I can only assume to be many because let’s face it, a lot of things displease me.

If you have seen me lately, my face is in need of a solid sandpapering session and I can give a little blame to the following: feet farts. No, I’m not talking about smelly feet or farts that smell like toe jam. I’m talking about the fart noises caused by the suction between heels and arches. It’s slowly but surely becoming the bane of my existence. It’s also extra annoying when it happens when you’re speed walking to the washroom, fake fart noises is just an additional sweet treat to capture others’ attention. Because when I'm trying to make it to the washroom before peeing myself, I'm always thinking to myself "if only there were fart noises to make this more fun". 

Feet farts – consider yourselves my latest insta-pimple. 

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