Sunday, 14 October 2012

Stella and Dot jewelery party

Sparkle, shimmer, shine, and cookies was how I spent my Sunday afternoon, which was a nice change from my usual Sunday routine – watching a marathon on TLC and regretting my late night delivery from the night before. After my cookie overload and panic attack over all things pretty, I slapped myself, gave myself a pep talk in a..zen..corner, and got my act together enough to enjoy the sparkly fun. 

My "I'm just here to look" mind set quickly changed after I saw these green pear shaped drop earrings. I loved how they looked like they once belonged to some classy old lady that croaked and decided to leave these to me. I suppose some people may call that 'vintage looking' but I'm going to coin the term 'croak-chic'. I also liked the matching ring but had limited myself to one item only, a decision that I think I regret more than the chicken bologna donut I just consumed. 
Left: Liz Drop Earrings    Right: Suzanne Cocktail Ring

Another fave piece at the party was this multi-coloured necklace. I love all the oceany shades and it makes me sad that summer is over. It would be cute with a white summer dress and coral heels for another pop of colour. Sigh.  

Serenity Necklace
All in all, it was a great day. Thanks Sparkle Queen for hosting!

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