Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Shoes: Halston
Partaking in the festivities in a way I can get away with at work. Eating treats and wearing some spooktacular shoes. If you squint, the back embellishment kind of looks like a spider web? Kinda? Stretching it? Thought so. 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What Clogs My Pores

Welcome to the first ‘What Clogs My Pores’ post. The first of what I can only assume to be many because let’s face it, a lot of things displease me.

If you have seen me lately, my face is in need of a solid sandpapering session and I can give a little blame to the following: feet farts. No, I’m not talking about smelly feet or farts that smell like toe jam. I’m talking about the fart noises caused by the suction between heels and arches. It’s slowly but surely becoming the bane of my existence. It’s also extra annoying when it happens when you’re speed walking to the washroom, fake fart noises is just an additional sweet treat to capture others’ attention. Because when I'm trying to make it to the washroom before peeing myself, I'm always thinking to myself "if only there were fart noises to make this more fun". 

Feet farts – consider yourselves my latest insta-pimple. 

Monday, 29 October 2012

Friday Florals

Monday blues? Let’s think about Fridays instead! Where you can wear a slightly “sassier” outfit to work and have it fully justified because of Casual Fridays of course. Although you have to deal with the "It's Friday!" every time you get into an elevator at work..thanks stranger, I don't own a Calendar. 

Last Friday, I wasn’t feeling my typical go- to work-casual look of skinny jeans and a blouse of some sort so I opted for a denim shirt instead with a flower power party on my pants. I have been diggin’ the floral and printed pant rage and have been trying to “workify” them so I can take a break from the consulting grey and black colour scheme every now and then. I still have a hot pink pair that I have yet to test at work, this may be the week! So colleagues, if you’re reading – prepare yourselves!

This outfit worked nicely from desk to dinner. I just switched my trusty ol’ backpack with an oversized purple clutch, for a pop of colour, and walked out the door.

Shirt: PacSun; Shoes: Aldo; Clutch: Splurge Handbags; Watch: Michael Kors; Ring: Forever 21 

What are your thoughts, friends?

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Running Sucks

Shop here

Maybe “sucks” is too strong of a word, or maybe I’m just bitter because I break out into an itchy mess every time I attempt to even jog for 2 minutes – I’m allergic, the world doesn’t want me to exercise :) But when I saw this track suit, something about it just made me chuckle.

This track suit is made by Wildfox, a brand that although has only been around for 5 years, has made quite the impression on young Hollywood. Here’s Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Ellie Goulding wearing the same Wildfox Seeing Stars Lennon Sweater ($198).

$200 for a frayed sweater, it’s a great time to be alive. 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Mother Nature - You Fiery Minx

It’s a sad day when you realize that it’s officially starting to get cold out and you haven’t even worn all your summer outfits yet! Although Fall dressing can be fun with all the printed tights, boots, and scarves, I’d prefer the bold bright prints of the summer any day. However, I’ll try to be more positive about the season change and just think of the fact that my growing waist line is harder to notice underneath jackets and capes. JalapeƱo poppers..come to mama.

While the cold weather is inevitable, looking good during that time isn't for some. Here are my picks for some must-have outerwear.

1. Leather Trim

Nothing makes me feel more badass than a little leather, with the exception of my throwing stars maybe; however, I don’t find leather jackets that warm and I prefer a longer coat so I don’t get a cold bum, which is hard to do in leather without looking like you’re auditioning for the back alley version of the Matrix. The leather sleeves on these coats gives them just enough edge so mother nature knows who not to mess with.
Left: Alexander Wang              Right: Zara
2. Cape

The only thing that has been stopping me from fighting crime in the winter is that I couldn't find a cape warm enough. Now I guess I have no excuse. Thieves and berry ticklers - watch out! I love the rich colour of the teal Elie Tahari cape below. It would be great with elbow-high leather gloves or a suede pair in a complimentary jewel tone to cover up the bare arms.
Left: Elie Tahari                       Right: Banana Republic
3. Statement Colour

Add a little 'oh hi' to any gloomy grey day in a bold coloured statement jacket. The red coat had me at 'bow'. 
Left: RED Valentino                         Right: ASOS

4. Trench

Inspector Gadget definitely knew what he was doing when he put that jacket on. There are no indications of the trench coat ever going out of style and nothing makes me think of Burberry more than the trench coat, which they have managed to make quite iconic. You can even make your own Bespoke Burberry trench coat on their website if you're willing to cough up the thousands of dollars. 
Left: Burberry                           Right: Gap

      I will leave you all with this video. It’s not gonna be hot everywhere, it’s not. And you DO need a jacket. 

     Stay warm, friends. 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Stella and Dot jewelery party

Sparkle, shimmer, shine, and cookies was how I spent my Sunday afternoon, which was a nice change from my usual Sunday routine – watching a marathon on TLC and regretting my late night delivery from the night before. After my cookie overload and panic attack over all things pretty, I slapped myself, gave myself a pep talk in a..zen..corner, and got my act together enough to enjoy the sparkly fun. 

My "I'm just here to look" mind set quickly changed after I saw these green pear shaped drop earrings. I loved how they looked like they once belonged to some classy old lady that croaked and decided to leave these to me. I suppose some people may call that 'vintage looking' but I'm going to coin the term 'croak-chic'. I also liked the matching ring but had limited myself to one item only, a decision that I think I regret more than the chicken bologna donut I just consumed. 
Left: Liz Drop Earrings    Right: Suzanne Cocktail Ring

Another fave piece at the party was this multi-coloured necklace. I love all the oceany shades and it makes me sad that summer is over. It would be cute with a white summer dress and coral heels for another pop of colour. Sigh.  

Serenity Necklace
All in all, it was a great day. Thanks Sparkle Queen for hosting!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Pink isn't just for babies

I first came across rose gold a few years ago and I’ve been hooked. It complements any outfit and you can mix it with other metallics without clashing. The hardest part was deciding on which items to invest in. But ever since Sophie’s choice was resolved, it’s been my jam.
Currently wearing: Michael Kors watch. H&M bracelet.
Accessories in this hue were the first to capture my attention on wrists, fingers and necklines but the rest of the body must have filed an affirmative action suit because it’s appearing on clothing, purses, makeup, shoes, and more. So girls, get rosey and shimmer your days away!  
Boys, don’t feel left out. Real men don’t just wear pink anymore. Real men wear rose gold! Michael Kors and Burberry are only a few of the brands to have rose gold watches for men. The man bling doesn’t end there, it has made its appearance on cuff links, tie clips, and man tiaras. Ok maybe not tiaras. Although everyone deserves to be a princess for a day.

Lanvin cuff links and tie clip. Burberry watch.
It may seem like the sudden invasion of rose gold is trendy but I definitely think it’s becoming more of a staple. So the next time your birthday or Valentines Day comes around – remember this - roses die but rose gold is forever. 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Nail me to the wall

Current nail polish collection
Nail polish in every shade and crazy design has been spotted and people are developing more of an appreciation to nail art. Even the E! Network introduced the ‘Mani Cam’ at this year’s Emmys to give them their own little spotlight. I must say that nail polish has become part of my weekly routine. I’d feel like I was missing something without my polish, perhaps an accessory, or limb, or heart..nah I don’t have one of those anyway. However, I wasn’t always such a nail Nazi. There was a stint there where I would sport my leukonychia spots like I didn’t give a what.

I’m surprised by my multi-year nail polish hiatus since there once was a day where I walked down the halls of Gorsebrook Junior High School on my first day of Grade 7 with my nails painted the ‘Tommy Hilfiger’ logo. Why that logo? Well to match my denim Tommy Hilfiger overalls that I was rockin’ out that day clearly, duh. Now that my hiatus is long gone, I can say that I haven’t spent a day without having my nails painted in around 2.5 years. 
Currently wearing: Wicked
Where the summer days filled with neon, pastel, and nude nails are coming to an end for some (I tend to wear some colours year round. You can’t hold me down like that), the more ‘Autumn-appropriate’ colours are leaning towards more jewel tones and metallic shades. My polish of choice is Essie. The brush is great so the polish goes on smoothly and it doesn't chip fast! Which is awesome and fits my Sunday to Sunday polish change routine. 

Shades by Essie that I'd like to add to the collection this season
Painted nails – a must for me every wear I go.