Monday, 25 August 2014

Office Tees

There are so many things that are "frowned upon" at the office; overalls, thigh high boots, chaps, sombreros. When will these rules end, people?? However, every now and then, an item of clothing that's usually saved for Casual Fridays can sneak its way into a Monday - the tee. Pairing a t-shirt with a dressier skirt and heels makes it totally work appropriate. There is no need to try to dress it up more with bold jewelry, keep it simple with some delicate chains. 

If a co-worker dares to call you out on your casualness, here are some quick quips that are sure to shut them up:

"YOU'RE casual"
"But look how great my hair looks!"
"Your mom went to college" 

Tee - Club Monaco
Skirt - Ricki's
Heels - Aldo
Harem Bracelet - Splurge
Nails - Essie Lilacism