Friday, 25 January 2013

Not Feeling Fly

As I sit here in the airport lounge waiting for my connecting flight, I realize I haven't posted in a while! And what a better topic to post about than travel fashion!

While I wish that I was one of those girls that look so put together while travelling - perfect hair, make up and heels, I have come to the conclusion that I am just not. And you know what? I'm ok with that. I just wanna be comfy y'all!

Here are my go to travel clothing items:

1. A big cozy sweater

You never know what the temperatures are going to be like in airports and/or planes. Layering will allow you take your body temperature in your own hands! Plus, you can use your sweater as a cozy little blanky when you're trying to catch some zzz's on the flight. 

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2. Leggings

They're comfortable. They're not sweat pants. They'll make you look less bulky especially if you're going with a chunky sweater. I don't need to explain myself any further.

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3. Kicks

Or any footwear that will require you to wear socks! There is nothing less appealing me to me than having to walk barefoot on the floor after being asked to take your shoes off by Security. Sock it up, friends!

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4. Scarf

For the same reasons as the sweater. Plus, sometimes you just wanna dig your face into something to avoid Coughy McCougherson sitting next to you without looking like a Sars victim.  

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What do you usually sport when you're being a jet setter?


  1. Love it! I actually wear those exact items when travelling! It makes travelling so much more comfortable!


  2. I always have big sunnies when I'm traveling! They're handy for sleeping on the plane on the trip and covering the bags under my eyes upon arrival!

  3. I made the mistake once to wear tights on a nine hour flight. Not the best choice, certainly not because I was pregnant and sick from take-off to landing... I'll keep this post in mind next time!

    x N

  4. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    xo, Jordan

  5. Love those polka dot Keds!


  6. I adore your blog, following now! Stay in touch xx

    & enter the Msdressy giveaway on my blog for the chance to win an amazing gift!

  7. Amazing post, your blog is totally adorable!
    Love, Anna

  8. Love this post!! It's cute and comfortable. Giving your fashion advice to others is as exciting as dressing yourself up. I love your layout - it's inviting and cute. Adding more personal posts is fun as well, you should give it a try :)
    It's great to see someone else from Halifax have a love for fashion!