Tuesday, 23 January 2018

2018 Guidelines

Coat: Forever 21 // Dress: The Shop by Splurge // Choker: The Shop by Splurge

This post is filled with irony, so get ready. 

I won't bore you with my goals for the year because let's face it, who cares? However, I will leave you with these 3 guidelines that I hope to keep in mind this year:

1. Spend money on experiences and not things. 

The irony here is that I just purchased a new Chloe bag..but I needed it, right? Although I love things, I am the first to admit that I buy things looking for instant happiness, which quickly fades the second I get home and I just leave the item in its shopping bag for weeks untouched sometimes. Experiences last a lifetime and although I try to convince myself that if I splurge on a Chanel bag that it will last a lifetime too, reality is that it just won't. (But I'll prob still get it at some point in my life, let's face it)

2. Check social media less. 

The internet is a dark place you guys. No, I'm not quitting Instagram. This b loves an ootd. But I'm really trying to not check it all the time aka during work hours.

3. Today, not tomorrow. Today.

I've learned so many things through my years watching the Real Housewives of <insert any city here>. Like how to flip a table or how to smile when you just want to slap someone.. no wait, I was already good at that. But leave it to Erika Jayne to say something that really stuck. If you want to do something, do it today, not tomorrow. Yes, I realize the irony that I am posting the "classic new year post" at the end of the month but hey, a girl needs some time to get her thoughts straight.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018



Tatreez is traditional embroidery originating in Palestine where hours are spent hand sewing patterns in vibrant colours. I can't remember a day where we didn't have embroidered artwork at home, whether it was a cushion (more like 10) or wall hangings. 

Although it is an old tradition filled with history, it has really evolved and can easily be transitioned into current modern pieces. Even modern enough to partake in a bathroom selfie.