Monday, 14 December 2015

Nice boa, where you going?

Recently, I have started questioning what my goals are with this blog. Am I even doing this right? I started this blog a couple of years ago merely because I just wanted to and felt like I had no hobbies. I shopped a lot but I guess that didn't quite count as a "hobby" and felt like maybe a blog was the best way to "hobbify" this non-hobby (Yes, I know I just said hobbify).

My approach to blogging has been quite lax to say the least. My day job goes far beyond the "day" and when it's hectic, the last thing I think about is going home to crop and post images so I can gain a follower or two.

My approach to taking the pictures is even more casual than posting. Taken on my iPhone (not even a 6! The horror!) typically just on my lunch break or after work and only if I can get a coworker available and willing to snap a few the same time that I'm available. It could be my naivety to the blogging world but I thought that that was just the way it goes. I was not aware of the pre-planned photo shoots and changing outfits in the car so they were all taken while your makeup and hair was still perfectly coiffed. Yes, you look great glitzed out in your boa..but where are you wearing that to?

I enjoy following bloggers for daily dressing inspiration and figuring out how to incorporate new ideas into dressing for real life. So here is me, in clothes that I actually wear all day. Am I doing this wrong? 

Sweater - Rickis
Boots - Guess