Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Book of Braids Brunch

Last Sunday, I attended the Book of Braids Brunch held at HS Studio Salon Spa, which was a complete 180 of how I usually spend my Sundays - binge watching TV shows in a flannel onesie, but it was a welcomed change! 

Walking into the salon put an instant smile on all the girls' faces as we were all greeted with sweet treats and an even sweeter salon team. Sugar coma and braids = an adult girl's version of an afternoon birthday party. 
The Book of Braids was released by Kerastase demonstrating a more couture way of including braids in your hairstyle. There are instructions so every girl can try these styles at home. Braids have really come a long way since I was a kid. My mom used to braid my hair everyday before school and put two clips on each side, which basically looked like horns. That's how cool I was in Grade 2. My braid history didn't end there. After an "incident" with bangs in 3rd year university went wrong, I covered it up with a side braid every. single. day. The side braid just became a part of me and was the extent of my braiding skills so I was very excited to learn more interesting braids to add to my routine.
Sophie Kieley, the stylist who chose to tackle my mane, did a combination of two of the braids in the book. It was a braid remix if you will. 
My friend, Natasha, went with a braided updo and I was so in love!
We're adorable, that's all I can really say about these next pictures..
Thank you HS Studio Salon Spa for a lovely afternoon! I can't wait to come back! 

What are some of your favourite takes on hair braids?

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