Monday, 30 September 2013

Sunset in Santorini

Dress - H&M
Sandals - Athens
Ring - H&M
Arm Band - Unknown
Tan - The Sun!

If you look at my vacation pictures backwards, they're about a girl who went around the world to get pasty. These pictures were definitely taken during the latter half of my trip as evidenced by my darker than usual skin tone. I accentuated this new tan with a lot of neon and bright colours and this coral number did just that. 

Santorini was the prettiest place I have ever seen and I will definitely be going back! Every view was a #nofilter picture you wanted to remember forever. 

With that, happy Monday, friends! 


  1. super cool dress!! amazing pics! I love Grecee to :)
    check out my september favorites:

  2. So lovely!
    x Hannah

  3. Santorini is on my bucket list....I am dying to go there! Love the photos...such a beautiful place, and those sandals are gorgeous!

  4. Cute! The dress looks amazing with your tan!! And the sandals omg. I wish I could pull those off like you do!