Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Look Book: Pencil Skirts

There used to be a time where when you would hear "pencil skirt", you pictured a girl in a bun, glasses, wearing an ill fitting grey or black knee length skirt. Now you hear those two words, and the girl on your mind may still have a hair bun and glasses, but daaaaamn she's lookin' gooood!

Pencil skirts are a closet staple that can be dressed up, down, for work, or a night out. There is oh so much more than just the classic black skirt, I was recently inspired by Social Print Studio to create a lookbook of my favorite looks. I chose to use different variations of pencil skirts. With their collection of custom photo books it’s a great way to bring your digital favorites to life. Having a lookbook in physical form is a great thing to have!

1. Striped

2. Floral

3. Leather

4. Pastels

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