Monday, 8 February 2016

Signature Scents

When it comes to shoes, clothing, or accessories. My shopping technique gravitates towards buying what I want rather than need. When it comes to makeup, toiletries, and perfumes, I get overwhelmed by choice. I don't know when to use one shade of blush over the other or deciding on a scent based on my mood. If it works, I stick to it. If it doesn't, I move on.

I recently found an old bottle of Tommy Girl perfume (because I'm a hoarder) and as the memories of my full on Tommy Hilfiger overall outfits topped off with the logo nail art popped into my head, so did the realization that I have only ever worn 3 perfumes in my life that speak to my life stages.

Tommy Girl - The 90's. The start of my fashion fascination and feeling like I wasn't a child anymore since I had my own perfume now. How adult!

RALPH Ralph Lauren - It was light. It was fresh. I was now a teenager. I wore flared pants. There was no stopping me.

...a multi-year perfume hiatus as I was in Engineering and probably just smelled like sweat, donairs, and math

Viva La Juicy -  If this perfume were a song, it would be Britney's "Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman". I think it smells girly and fun without being a kiddie perfume. As I try to balance the professional world with a trendy outlook, I'm still not ready to pass this one up just yet.

I wonder which one will be next..

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