Saturday, 17 November 2012

What Clogs My Pores

So you broke your shoe, eh? 

As unfortunate as that is, it's a pretty common event to have to revive a pair with a little TLC. In my case, TLC stood for "The Lunatic Cobbler". I noticed that one of my pairs of shoes needed some glue to prevent the strap from breaking off, so I took it to Moneysworth & Best at the Halifax Shopping Centre. Sadly, it wasn't a black and white scenario where a cute old man cobbler is making shoes while whistling Poker Face (just because he's old doesn't mean he's not hip). 

The lady at the store takes my shoe and tells me it will be ready the following week. This all sounds great so far. I return 8 days later to pick up my shoe..the worker can't find it. She opens a cupboard and piles of shoes just fall out as she is rumagging luck. After around 20 minutes of waiting, she says that she will continue looking and will call me later that day. I didn't need to wear them that weekend so I was ok with it and left. 

A week has call. 

Paid a little visit, rummaged some more, no luck, another promise of a call. 

A week has call. 

Visit #3, more rummaging, no luck, another promise of a call and told no charges for the repair. 

A week has call. 

Visit #4, more rummaging, no luck. 

Then I get a call! Yippee. They say I don't have to pay for the repair and can pick it up. I should also point out that surprisingly throughout this entire process, not once did I give any of the workers there attitude. I said thanks and hung up. 

That same night, I go to get my shoe. I give the worker my paper slip that says "missing shoe" along with a description of what it looked like. She very rudely asks whether anyone called me. I tell her it's for the shoe that has been missing for almost a month, to which she snaps back and says "ok but did anyone call you??". After describing the shoe to her (nothing more than what was already written on the slip), she gives it to me and just stares at me like she is going to slap me at any second now. Then she questions why I'm not paying for it, despite it saying "no charge" on the slip and how I need to discuss it with her manager. And that's when I just decided that I've had enough being treated like an idiot by someone who looked like they couldn't wait for their shift at the mall to end so they could hit up their stash of special brownies, grabbed my shoe and just peaced that premise. 

Moneysworth & Best. I'm going to pass up the opportunity to be punny and play around with the name of your company since this experience has made it pretty obvious that you're not the "best". But to lose my shoe for almost a month, with me not once losing my cool throughout the entire process, is one thing but then YOU giving ME attitude about it at the end is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing any service provider could do.    

You're not even worth clogging my pores enough to cause an actual outbreak. You're like an under-skin zit that is trying so hard to make an appearance but can't push through because of pure stupidity. 

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