Sunday, 26 November 2017

Product Review: Skinfix

Cottages, cars, my skin: these are things that need to be winterized. As the temperatures drop, I basically turn into a reptile. I wake up with flakey skin that makes makeup application very difficult. This winter, thanks to Skinfix, I've changed up my skincare routine with products that are working hard to put an end to my ereptile dysfunction.  

I recommend using this nightly. I have noticed such a difference to how my skin feels the next morning. It looks healthier and feels moisturized. 

Although this is gentle enough to use every night, I have only been using it on nights where my skin just feels a little extra dry or if I was wearing more makeup than normal that day. The best part is that it is a leave-on mask so you really wake up feeling that extra moisture and plump.

My eyelids sometimes get so red and irritated and then my skin flakes through my concealer under my eyes. That is not cute, guys. I've been (trying) to use this eye cream nightly. I'm not going to lie, adding an eye cream is new to me so I forget this step A LOT. However, from the little that I have used this I can already see the major difference to the skin around my eyes. They no longer get red and irritated. My skin is noticeably less dry. I'm hoping with more consistent usage that I will start to notice a difference to my dark circles. Yes, I'm tired.. but the world doesn't need to see that! 

Product: Lip Repair Balm

During the day, I need to enhance the colour of my lips so I typically go for either a lipstick of a balm that has a tint of colour. At the end of the night, my lips are basically peeling off. These lip repair balms have been a great addition to my night routine to repair my lips and prep them for another round of lipstick in the day.


  1. I would definitely recommend this for people with combination skin like myself who have troubles finding products that don't over dry them, break them out and or react to your skin inappropriately.

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