Monday, 15 June 2015

Waxon Waxbar

Living a life without worrying about unwanted hair is nothing short of any girl's dream. Waxon Waxbar is a step in making that dream reality. Their easy online booking makes it that much easier to live life a little smoother. 

Not only do they offer waxing services for men and women, but also threading! I remember when I started threading my eyebrows as a teenager and my friends thought that concept was just wild. I'm glad threaded eyebrows are becoming a beauty must-have for many!

I recently got to chat with Lexi Miles, the founder of the Waxon chain, about how to get beauty ready for the summer and how Waxon has got you covered

What are our 3 summer beauty must-haves?
Waxing - duh, fuller brows, healthy glowing skin

If you were going to use one Waxon product, what would it be?
Bodyshot. This body oil is a fantastic daily moisturizer replacement. The all natural product is filled with anti-viral properties and contains aloe vera which will help with sun burns and peeling. 

What are the changes in beauty prep from Winter to Summer?
Lash tinting is more popular during the summer months as a mascara replacement for a more natural beachy look. Mineral makeup is lighter for the summer and has enough coverage for blemishes but provides a glow and SPF. And most importantly, general skin care! The Prtty Peauchun (no a typo!) is a tinted body moisturizer that looks great and feels great. Who doesn't like the look of tanned legs without the harmful rays?

Easy bookings, natural products that I have become obsessed with and adorable decor - w what more could you ask for? What services did I get? Well that's a secret you'll never know.

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