Sunday, 1 December 2013

Holiday Staples

The holidays, a time where your weekends fill up with meet and greets and your bellies fill up with yummy treats! Although the holidays are fun, there is some added stress there with deciding what to wear to all of the events, this is where I come are the 5 holiday staples that will surely take you through the season.

1. Fun Skirt
A black skirt is functional and all but why not add some fun detail that will make you stand out?! This faux-leather number will make for a great alternative to the usual go-to.

2. The Dress
Having a dress handy is a no-brainer..and a dress that resembles a candy cane? Well that's just brilliant! This fit and flare silhouette is flattering for all figures!

3. Statement Necklace
The easiest way to dress up that little black dress is with some jewels. So why not look like Elizabeth Taylor, dazzle yourself in jewels..and get married 8 times while you're at it.

4. Sweater
Living in Canada, it is cold.. very cold. This 100% cotton sweater by Halifax local brand NIXE is so comfy and so warm that it has become my go-to sweater and I'll def be wearing it while building gingerbread houses..demolishing other people's houses..and eating the rest of the people's houses.   

5. Cuff
I enjoy stacking bracelets as much as the next girl, but with the sequins and sparkles that tend to come with the festive season, a classic simple cuff is an essential to get you from day to night. I love this dark silver double cuff because though it is simple and unique, it fills up my wrist without jingling alongside the bells.

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  2. Number 4 and 5 are switched... and if your going to be demolishing peoples gingerbread houses, maybe a certain somebody might un-invite you (with or without your sweet NIXE sweater)