Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Splurge vs. Save

Swarovski - shop here                                                                               Forever21 - shop here

Neon touches will be all over everyone this summer like exploding highlighters. If rocking a fluorescent yellow blazer is too bold for you, you could still partake in the trend with a glimpse of neon here and there.

Here is a splurge vs. save option:

1. Coming in at $105, this bedazzled pink number comes from Swarovski. 

2. At a whopping $5, a similar option can be found at Forever 21. 

This is when Sophie's choice comes into play..which is more important, price or sparkle? I chose to splurge on this one and I'm quite excited to layer it up with other bracelet friends. To be fair, I didn't see the forever21 option until I had already made the purchase. 

With the difference of a $100..and some sparkle, which option would you go for?


  1. Oh! You got the Swarovski one?? I can't wait to see you pair it with an outfit!!!


  2. Often I really like the cheaper option better--it's the frugalista in me--but I really like the Swarovski bracelet better. The F21 version just looks a bit, well, cheaper.

    Style by Joules

    1. I totally agree, but thought I'd throw out that option anyway!